Learn how to Crack the SSB Interview and Achieve Your Dream of Joining the Indian Armed Forces...

From the desk of Uday Kumar (ex-Naval Officer, Indian Navy)

Do you want to become an officer in the Indian armed forces and enjoy the great lifestyle only reserved for a few people in the society?

If you want to join the armed forces, be it the Army, Navy, Airforce or the Coast Gaurd, you need to crack the SSB Interview.

We provide SSB Training for aspirants through distant learning program offered through materials sent to you via post and through the internet.

Benefits of our Online SSB Training…

  • Home Study Program through the Internet – you need not waste valuable time in visiting any coaching center and you can prepare from home.
  • Meet like minded aspirants in the forum – discuss common mistakes and learn from other’s mistakes
  • Get personal one-on-one coaching from Uday Kumar – ex-Naval Officer – clarify all your doubts regarding SSB
  • Affordable course fees – we do not charge high like other training centers.
  • High quality materials which will help you clear the SSB with ease
  • Proven track record of successfully helping aspirants clear the SSB – no worries whether our training materials work or not!

To Crack the SSB Interview you need preparation…

And right preparation can be done only with the right study materials and coaching.

A lot of coaching centers offer SSB Training in various cities, but the major drawback of all these training centers is that you need to be physically present in the class room to learn.

If you are a student or an employee and if you cannot afford to take several weeks off to attend a live training program, then the only way you can prepare for the SSB Interview is through the online training program provided by us.

Our online SSB Training program is the first of its kind in India which helps aspirants achieve their dreams from a home study program!

We have helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams through our program. It is time you joined us become the next success story.

First Try? Second Try? Don’t Worry…

  • If you are attending the SSB for the first time, these study materials will help you a lot.
  • If you have already attended SSB and are going to try again you will benefit from this study materials because we will tell you about the most common mistakes that people make in the SSB Interview so that you can avoid it this time.
Online Training Facility Makes it easy to clear your doubts. Watch Video Below…
Success Stories from our Students…
“Respected Sir, I would like to tell you that I have cleared coast guard SSB and medical tests are also over and I am fit. I want to thank you sir for helping me in making it possible. It was my sixth attempt and this time only I came to know about this navaljourney blog. I completely followed it and it helped me a lot in clearing a lot of doubts which i was having previously. Your comments which you give in TAT competition are very helpful and put a bright light on what is expected out of us during the tests. Thanks a lot sir.”

- Saurabh Akharia, saurabhashu88@gmail.com

I am in the merit list for PC(NAIC). Joining academy on 22nd june. Dream come true.. This blog was really very useful.. I attended ssb for 9 times.. Made it in my 9th attempt… Ur blog and the vast prepartion for ssb has totally changed me.. I have overcome most of my weakness and feel like a matured person. Thanks to your effort sir for creating such a great guidance. Thanking You Sir”. 

- Arun Pal, arunpal19@gmail.com 

“Sir I wanted to thank you for guiding me for the whole SSB process. You alone are responsible for me being recommended. Thank you for your immense support.”

- Pranav

“I have been recommended for the (women) observer’s batch commencing on July 2012. we have been for the medicals at IAM, I was the only one among the 6 of us recommended from Bangalore SSB selection center who was declared medically fit.”

- Vijju, machan.panickar@gmail.com

“I have been following your blog for long time and really appreciate your efforts. I have recently been recommended by 33 SSB Bhopal for Indian Navy 10+2 tech. entry (July 2012 course) and cleared the medicals.”

- Faraaz, faraazahmad@gmail.com

What You Will Get in Your Purchase

  • A Guide to Personal Interviews in the SSB. (Very Important part of SSB)
  • Detailed explanation of Group Tasks with pictures and diagrams which show the correct way to attempt the task. Such information is not available anywhere else.
  • A Guide to doing the Psychological Tests such as PPDT, WAT, TAT, SRT, Self Description Test Etc.
  • Forum Access with Username and Password where you can ask questions to Mr. Uday Kumar directly and also discuss with other SSB aspirants.

Rs. 2,995 Rs.1,995

Study materials will be shipped to your address within 3 working days via Speed Post. Tracking number will be sent to your email ID as soon as hand over the package to speed post. You will get a phone number for dedicated customer support.

More Success Stories from our Students…
“Respected Kumar sir, I have been selected for the JULY 2012 UES TECH course and have been asked to report to the academy on 23rd of June. I wish to thank you for the guidance that you have been providing us through this blog.” – JAI HIND! yours faithfully…

- Abhiram, abhiramsundaram@gmail.com


“Respected Kumar Sir, I have been selected for UES entry-Electrical Branch (General Service) & have to report to the academy on 23rd June. Thanks a lot for all the great support & guidance!”

- Nishank Gupta, gupta.nishank@yahoo.com


“Respected Sir, I have cleared my AFCAT and got recommended for AEC(M) Tech. My medical is completely fit and police verification is also over followed by the Airforce police verification.”

- Hari, harisudan.sudan@gmail.com


“Definitely the study materials did help, they gave me an overall idea of how the process will be, And with a lot of examples for each task it puts you in ease. And also the guidance part on how to face the interviews was very helpful, Thanks a lot!”

- Bhuvan Kumar, reheach@gmail.com, (Recommended at SSB.)